Here you will find information on past and upcoming events of the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) which are organised by the research area “Spatial Information and Modelling”, and thus are directly related to the IOER Monitor.

DFNS - Dresdner Flächennutzungssymposium (Dresden Land Use Symposium)

Established back in 2009, the Dresdner Flächennutzungssymposium has meanwhile become the most important annual specialist event in the field of land use analysis, monitoring and sustainable land management in Germany.

At the symposium you can find out about and discuss current trends in land use development, innovative methods of land management, high-resolution datasets, the results of national studies as well as forecasts of land use development. The lectures will be made available here after the event while the written version of the contributions will be published in book form.

Downloads of the book contributions and abstracts are available on the German website

ILUS - International Land Use Symposium

The International Symposium brings together leading academics and interested attendees for presentation, discussion, and collaborative networking in the fields of spatial sciences, environmental studies, geography, cartography, GIScience, urban planning, architecture, which relate to investigations of settlements and infrastructure. In particular, the interdisciplinary meeting will examine new ideas in overlapping fields of studies with the goal of advancing our understanding of built-up areas, and how recent developments in spatial analysis and modeling can lead to sustainable resource management, better support of planning and regional development, enhanced spatial information and knowledge, and optimized strategies, instruments and tools.

Expert workshop “On the way to better land-use statistics”

Every year after the Flächennutzungssymposium, experts are invited to take part in a closed workshop to discuss topics such as requirements for time series, basic datasets, their development and new indicators. Participants are providers of basic geodata (AdV, LVAs), statistical data (Destatis, Stala), agencies involved in policymaking (BMUB, BBSR, UBA, SMI, SMUL) as well as scientific institutes (BBSR, IOER).

Topics and programmes of the expert workshops are available on the German website