The Official Topographic-Cartographic Information System ATKIS is the base information system of the Federal Republic of Germany for digital topographical geodata. It consists of digital landscape models (DLM), digital terrain models (DGM), digital topographic maps (DTK) as well as digital orthophotos (DOP).

A digital landscape model (DLM) is a numerical model of the landscape that incorporates topographical objects systematically classified into object types along with descriptive attributes. The landscape model with the greatest resolution is termed the Basic-DLM (previously DLM 25). In terms of modelling precision it is complete, isometric and cartographically non-generalized.

The content of the basis landscape model is oriented on topographic maps 1:25,000 (target scale). Other landscape models at smaller scales are derived from the Basic-DLM by a process of generalization (DLM 50, DLM 250 and DLM 1000). For every specific scale there is an object type catalogue with the categories: settlement, transportation, vegetation, water, relief and terrain.

The third development phase of ATKIS (featuring 132 object types) will enable the aggregation of base data from AFIS, ALKIS and ATKIS into a standardized, non-redundant database of Germany’s official survey agencies (AAA-Modell).

The ATKIS Basic-DLM is the most important geo database of the Monitor of Settlement and Open Space Development.