Industrial and commercial area

Industrial and commercial area is a built-up area, primarily dedicated to industrial and commercial functions. The dominant land use can be one of the following functions:

  • retail and services,
  • exhibition centre and trade fair,
  • market garden,
  • docks,
  • uilities,
  • transport/storage systems for natural resources,
  • waterworks,
  • power station,
  • transformer substation,
  • refinery,
  • heating station,
  • waste removal facility,
  • sewage and water treatment plant,
  • waste treatment plant,
  • waste disposal site.

Note: onshore harbour facilities are generally categorized as industrial and commercial land.

Built-up land at a mining facility is (in part) not captured separately (old ATKIS Basis-DLM, Version 3.2) so that the entire mining site is considered to be industrial and commercial land, thereby compromising modelling accuracy. This no longer occurs in the new Basis-DLM (AAA-model, Version 6.0) because areas of actual use are now modelled precisely with no overlap. However, regionally differentiated migration effects can appear in industrial and commercial areas in the wake of the transition from the old to the new ATKIS model.

[Source: AdV (2008): GeoInfoDok, ATKIS-Objektartenkatalog Basis-DLM, Version 6.0]