Landscape protection

Alongside the Landscape Conservation Areas (LSG), territories subject to (general) landscape protection orders in Germany include nature parks (NP) as well as biosphere reserves (BIO) outside their core areas.

Regarding the presentation of areas under (general) landscape protection within the Monitor of Settlement and Open Space Development, see the following source: Walz, Ulrich & Schumacher, Ulrich: Bundesweiter Indikator zum Natur- und Artenschutz sowie zum Landschaftsschutz - Visualisierung und Statistik im Rahmen eines Monitoringsystems. - In: Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung 42 (2010) 7, S. 205-211.

Further details on the categories of landscape protection described above can be found on the website of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) by searching the term "Nature conservation areas".