What trends are observed for the new indicator loss of open space per inhabitant?

Open space per inhabitant is spatially complementary to settlement density. As laid down by the German government in the 2016 national Sustainability Strategy, the loss of open space per inhabitant is to be reduced. According to the IOER Monitor, the figure of 2.84 m² lost open space per inhabitant (2016) has remained fairly constant for years.

Example: Loss of agricultural areas

The analysis reveals that the loss in agricultural areas can be attributed to other follow-on uses in addition to the creation of new settlement area and transport space (44%). Between 2011 and 2016, abandoned agricultural areas were newly mapped as areas of forest or bushes.

Table: Breakdown of agricultural land converted to other land usages (timeframe: 2011-2016)
Land usage Area [km²]
Forest, copse1426,7
Total lost agricultural land3349,1