20.05.2019Hemeroby indicators (Percentage of nature-accentuated areas and hemeroby index) available with 2018 values
05.04.2019Book publication about the DFNS 2018 as download (only available in German language)
28.02.2019New functions: Map location function, marker function via checkbox in the value table and new map server for OGC services
08.11.2018New spatial units "municipal association".
26.09.2018Data for indicators of the category "buildings" has been updated.
11.07.2018Earlier timeframes (2006, 2009, 2012) are no longer available for the indicator "imperviousness" because of their incomparability due to methodological reasons.
08.06.2018Several analyses derived from IOER Monitor data published online regarding landtake of area, landform conversation, settlement density and the loss of open space
05.06.2018New publication (in german language) "Flächeninanspruchnahme in Deutschland: Auf dem Wege zu einem besseren Verständnis der Siedlungs- und Verkehrsflächenentwicklung". Editors: Behnisch, Martin, Kretschmer, Odette, Meinel, Gotthard (Eds.)
16./17.5.201810. Dresdner Flächennutzungssymposium
09.05.2018Exhibition "Flächenverbrauch und Zersiedlung - Ein Umweltproblem der Siedlungsentwicklung"
03.05.2018New Values for various indicators 2016 + 2017 on quarter level and values for hemeroby 2015 added
02.05.2018Population data of 2016 is available and used for population related indicators of 2016 and 2017.
30.04.2018New data for imperviousness: new time slice 2015 and updated values for 2006-2012 because of their re-processing by Copernicus land monitoring service
30.04.2018WMS for Riskindicators and 2017 time slice updated.
24.04.2018Time frame of 2017 is available for grid maps (settlement, transportation, open space).
19.04.2018 New indicator category energy.
26.03.2018New indicator category material stock.
19.03.2018New indicator category urban sprawl.
16.03.2018Indicators available with data of 2017.
23.02.2018 Masterthesis about the new map-viewer of the IOER-Monitor was granted the GIS-Award of GDI SACHSEN e.V.
31.01.2018 IOER-Monitor presented at the 15. Sächsisches GIS Forum of the GDI SACHSEN e.V.
27.11.2017 Beta version of redesigned mapviewer published
07.04.2017Indicators are available on the spatial resolution of city quarters.
31.03.2017All indicators available with data of 2016.
10.03.2017 New indicators about building coverage and density were added.
11.01.2017 The time course of the indicator "land consumption" has been updated.

WFS- and WCS-Services for integration into your own GIS are avaiable

16.08.2016New populationindicator "Share of the population in the exposure area of high-voltage lines"
07.06.2016Presentation of the IOER-Monitor at the "Woche der Umwelt"  in Berlin
10.05.2016New indicator category "ecosystem services"
18.03.2016All indicatorvalues avaiable for 2015